Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Emmy has been going to hippotherapy at a wonderful facility called Horsefeathers.  There are lots of benefits to this kind of therapy but mostly it helps her maintain core strength.  There is an awsome OT who works with her and Emmy absolutley loves her.  Unfortunatly, our insurance won't cover this "out of network" therapy so we can't continue going but one day hope to pick it back up again.  Who would've thought a barn was out of network?

Here she is getting on Calvin, her little pony. 

Ava's birthday is coming up and her present from us was a horseback riding lesson during one of Emmy's therapy sessions.  She has been asking forever if she'll get a turn to ride and she was so excited when we told her what she'd be doing!

She got to ride on Red Rover.

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  1. Love seeing Emmy smiling. I hope you find a way to cover for this therapy.