Sunday, May 6, 2012

7 Weeks Old

This didn't last long but we were all cracking up!  Olivia didn't mind at first but after the stroll from the family room to the kitchen, she began to protest.  Our sweet Olivia was 7 weeks old on Saturday.  She is starting to really focus on our faces and even give us some smiles.  With the first two girls I didn't stress if they weren't hitting milestones exactly when the books said they were supposed to.  This time around I find myself checking baby books to see if Liv is doing what babies should be doing at this stage.  I know it's all out of my control and the odds of us having another daughter with Rett is so slim but I still let the doubts creep in once in a while.  One good thing that has come from Rett (and there is not many, believe me) is that I am able to really enjoy Liv for who she is...right now.  We understand that we are not guaranteed anything.  I don't spend a lot of time thinking about how fun it will be to hear her first words or watch her take her first steps.  It really frees you from living in the future as we so often do in life.  We enjoy the present, and that is a gift Emmy has given us.

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