Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Starved Rock

I love Facebook.  I was scrolling down the Illinois Rett Family Page and came across something another Illinois family had posted.  Starved Rock, which is an Illinois State Park, was offering free boat rides on the Illinois River to kids with disabilities.  We decided to venture out (about a two hour drive) with all the girlies and spend the day at the park.  We all had to wear life preservers, even Olivia.  Here is super dad keeping her asleep so she didn't freak out.

Emmy couldn't get enough of the wind blowing in her face.  If this girl could make her body do what she wants I think she'd be a little fast talking dare devil.  She loves to go fast, the faster and crazier the better.  She also is constantly tapping her communication book and looking at me like, hey, I've got something to say here people.

After the ride we climbed to the top of Starved Rock which was a lot of fun.  You might be wondering how we lugged three small kids to the top. 

We got plenty of "Wow, you've got your hands full" comments and other stares but we had such a great time.

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