Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emmy in a Storm

A post from Emmy's dad - john

For some time now a drawing has been taped onto our kitchen wall.  Months have passed with only casual glances.  A few days ago, during a difficult "Rett Day", I looked at the image.  Through new eyes it reset my perspective a bit.

The above image was drawn by Ava.  She describes the piece in such beautiful simplicity - "It's Emmy in a Storm". new eyes became filled with tears... The intensity of the storm, the strength of the umbrella and the pronounced smile on her face....  Her battle with Rett Syndrome is what we make of it.  To her this is life.  I will try as hard as I can to support her umbrella.

This image so nicely applies to most difficulties in life.


  1. Can I print this out and frame it? I think we need a copy of "Emmy in a Storm" in our house. So beautiful.

  2. Ava is awesome!! Love that little girl! What a great big sister!