Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the way to the car

Now, I don't remember my responses exactly but I do remember Ava's questions.  This is about how it went...

Ava (staring at the handicapped parking space signs):  "Mama, why are there handicapped people?"

Me (pausing for a moment to contemplate how to approach this question):  "Some people have bodies that don't work the way they want them to, like Emmy."

Ava:  "But when Emmy grows up, her body will work?"

Me (now sitting in the front seat, thankfully not facing Ava): "No, even as Emmy grows up she won't be able to use her words to tell us things and she won't be able to use her hands to play with dollies the way you do.  She wishes she could do those things but she just can't make her body do them.  But we keep hoping that one day doctors will find a way to help Emmy."

Ava:  "Oh, that stinking disease...I want to kick it in the face!"

Me (now laughing outloud) "Me too, Ava."

Ava:  "Do some kung fu on it."

Me: "Yea, some kung fu"

It went on like that for a while.  We released a little anger and got a good laugh all while Emmy sat in her seat smiling.  I'm sure if she could pipe in, she'd have some ideas about what she'd do to this stinking disease too. 


  1. i'll come to that kicking-it-in-the-face party. just give me a date...

  2. so so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time.

  3. Do som kung-fu on it! Amen, sista. Thinking of you all and sending kung-fu and love, Chantal

  4. Made me laugh and tear up in this post--- prayers for the doctor's that are doing the "face kicking!"