Friday, March 15, 2013

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

In just the past couple of weeks...

My sister and her family came to our house to spend the night with ALL three kids so John and I could have a night away.  My sister got up with Olivia at night, included Emmy in cousin play and kept the other kids entertained.  Wow.

My friend Kendra dropped off dinner AND some adorable hats she made for my girls...just because.

My friend Foula came by to give me ingredients to make cookies that I love...just because.

My friend Kate and her darling daughter have come to watch Olivia while I take Em to therapy. 

Emmy's speech therapist took time out of her busy day to call and rave about Emmy using her Tobii at school. 

Olivia started pulling up on everything, chatting up a storm and 'reading' books...amazing.

My friend Megan and her daughter Lauren (in Emmy's class) invited Em over for a playdate.

Ava helped Emmy out of bed and then held her hand by the stairs and yelled, "Ummm, excuse me, will somebody help my little sister down the stairs?"

My husband, well the list is too long.  He surprises me everyday with his dedication to our family.

I am feeling like one lucky girl.

And I'm especially lucky I get to hear Ava and Emmy giggle everytime I read their favorite part...

"Be grateful you’re not in the forest in France
Where the average young person just hasn’t a chance
To escape from the perilous pants eating plants
But your pants are safe, you’re a fortunate guy
You ought to be shouting how lucky am I”
Dr. Seuss, Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?


  1. I can only figure out how to comment as Anonymous - but this is Kate Ipsen...LOVE your blog! : )
    I think your perspective of gratitude is the key to a happy life! I know that Kara and I are so grateful that you allow us to come play with your sweet girls! We truly enjoy our time at your home! You have a beautiful family and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!

  2. Tears. What a beautiful post. Lucky to have you and your family as friends. xoxoxox Annie

  3. Lauren loves Emmy! We were so happy she could come over to play!! Megan