Friday, March 1, 2013


Our winter can be summed up in one word...SICK.  Up until about the second week in February, someone in our house was down and out.

It started the first night of Christmas break.  I went and got Panera for dinner and we all happily celebrated the beginning of break.  That was the beginning of the end.  That night Ava recited her famous line...'I think I ate too much dinner'.  This is code for...'Mom, Dad, you will be cleaning up puke tonight.' 

It was the flu, complete with five full days of high fevers for all.  But I am happy to report that after some viruses here and there, we are all healthy now.

We had plans to go to my parent's house for Christmas but since Ava was sick, we stayed home.  We have never spent Christmas at our house so I was a little unprepared.  We ran out and got some stockings and a couple of extras.  Other than some sickos, we had a great time just the five of us.

And since we finally got some snow, we've been cruising around the neighborhood on our sleds...

 Emmy kind of looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, right?


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