Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Days of School

Both girls have started school now which means I am childless from 9:20-11:50 each's so strange!  Ava started Kindergarten and Em started her first year of preschool.  They go to the same school and I drop them off and pick them up everyday.  I wasn't brave enough to send Em on the bus yet!  She's still my little peanut.  Ava loves Kindergarten...she was a little nervous the first day but warmed up quick.  Today is only Em's second day but so far so good.  I had a hard time dropping her off yesterday but she was all smiles when I went to get her and the teachers reported she had a great day!  I know preschool will be a wonderful thing for her, it's just been a hard process for me!
                                                    Ava working hard on her first project
                                                      Ava and her new K teacher.  Ava told me,
                                                      "mom, she's really good with kids!"
                                                      Back pack on and ready to go!

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  1. Off to school! What an adjustment:) It will be great!