Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There's only one reason...

...this is in my house.  It's disgusting, horrible stuff.  I refuse to even look at the list of ingredients for fear I won't be able to pronounce any of them.  But, when I have morning sickness this is one of the only things that sounds good.  Some pretzels and good ol Fritos fake cheese dip.  I first discovered this in college, freshmen year at Harrison Hall.  I can't remember the name of the little store in the dorm that sold it but you could get all sorts of goodies down there.  I didn't ever think about it again until I was pregnant with Ava.  I was at Jewel and feeling so so so very sick to my stomach.  Nothing sounded good.  Then I strolled down the chip aisle and when I saw it I immediately grabbed it...something that looked appetizing!  Since then, every pregnancy, I had to have it in the house during those first nauseous weeks.

I am now past the 12 week mark and feeling great!  Went to the doctor yesterday and held my breath while she searched for the heartbeat.  But, she found it quickly and said it sounded strong, around 160 or so : )  John and I are so unbelievably happy to be having another baby.  I could care less if it's a boy or a girl, I just want healthy.  People say that all the time as kind of a passing statement.  I know I did.  I now pray for it every day.  I pray all those thousands of genes are all lining up, just the way they're supposed to.  I mean really, it's amazing there are so many functioning people walking around.  I've had 5 pregnancies, 2 children and 1 that's healthy...good gracious.  So, keep this little Foster family in your prayers and I'll keep you up to date on this HEALTHY pregnancy.



  1. sending every good and healthy and neurologically normal prayer your way. :) congratulations!

  2. I swiped a few bites myself...