Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I started writing this long winded post about Em's ups and downs over the past months.  Every time I sat down to finish it I ended up in tears.  I guess this is all still too new.  The wound is still healing and I can't mess with the scab. 

Since I'm not able to share the downs right now I decided to just share the ups.  This past weekend we met a great group of families, all living in the Chicago area, and all with girls Em's age with RS.  They are an amazing group.  Unfortuantely I forgot my camera but don't know if I'd had time to take pictures anyway.  I wanted to just spend the time talking to these sweet girls, understanding how they operate.  I had a million questions for the other parents and could've listened to their stories forever.  Stories of heartbreak and hope.  They were our story too.

The evening with our new friends coupled with the long weekend with my husband home (ahhhh) allowed me to focus on the fact that there is so much for which to be thankful...
The beloved tire swing.

Look at that grip.  Look at that smile : )

Obstacle courses.

My faithful walking companion.
Sweet neighborhood kids raising money for Emmy's birthday fundraiser.

And, last but not at all least...Emmy going on the potty!!!!!!!!!!  I dragged the potty seat out of the basement the other morning.  I had not been excited about it because I figured it would be a long, difficult process.  It was after breakfast and Ava and I sat Em on the little potty.  She looked adorable sitting there.  We started reading her some books and then bam. poo poo.  We danced around and made a big deal about it.  We gave her potty presents.  She was so proud of herself!  She's been doing a fabulous job ever since.  Right now we just sit her on when she thinks she has to go.  Now, her telling us she has to go will be a whole other team to tackle.  But for now, this is just fine.


  1. Yay! Go Em---
    So glad you had a chance to meet some other parent's in the area. I love the pics- Annie

  2. So glad you got to meet up with other families in your area and that Em gave you a few ups along with all the other crazy. xx